• IMG 6040

    Amazeum Part of National Initiative to Engage Underserved...

    *Scott Family Amazeum Part of National Cohort to Support STEM and Making* Partnership with New York Hall of Science to Impact Underserved Youth  BENTONVILLE, Ark.

  • Tinkerfest2019 FB event

    Creative, Curious Community Convenes at Tinkerfest 6

    BENTONVILLE, Ark. (September 16, 2019) — The Scott Family Amazeum hosts its sixth annual Tinkerfest on Saturday, October 5, 2019, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (9 am for Amazeum members).

  • NationofMakers JGblog

    Tinkerguy's Travels*

    ** Or how Making & Tinkering Manager Joel Gordon spent his summer vacation.

  • SFA 4Bday Facebook Event Banner

    4 Years of Interactive Learning, Family Fun

    BENTONVILLE, Ark. (July 8, 2019) —The Scott Family Amazeum invites families to join them in celebrating its 4th Birthday on Monday, July 15 from 10 am to 5 pm. Amazeum members can access the museum starting at 9 am.

  • Cami blog header

    Intern Adds to Summer Experience

      Summer brings fresh faces to the Scott Family Amazeum when we welcome high school and college students who join our team to gain experience.

  • Studio Grow Final Preview blog

    Special Space for Early Learners

    Pampers Sponsors Studio Grow Designed for Children Six and Younger  BENTONVILLE, Ark. (June 12, 2019) — A new space in The Scott Family Amazeum for early learners six and younger opens June 19.

  • Mudblog1

    Messy Learning Comes Naturally

    by: Bailey Thompson Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. That is what you may have been told when it comes to doing something like gardening and other work.

  • IMG 7961

    Meet the Maker: Christian Ristow

    Makers are a unique group. Yet, there seem to be common traits among them, at least among those who have spent time at the Scott Family Amazeum.

  • IMG 7143

    Making "Herstory" with Innovative Research

    Amazeum joins New York Hall of Science and San Jose Tech Museum in Research Project to Engage and Retain Girls in STEAM One of the greatest challenges in engineering has less to do with technology, physics, or design and more to do with psychology.

  • IMG 8096

    Amazeum Creatives Collaborate on Public Art Piece

     Rainbow Springs to Light up Lawrence Plaza    BENTONVILLE, Ark. (May 9, 2019) — Lawrence Plaza in Downtown Bentonville will be a little brighter after the installation of Rainbow Springs.

  • Billboard Amazeum 1ofM 864x288

    Amazeum reaches 1,000,000 guest milestone

    Thank you Northwest Arkansas for being one of a million reasons for us to celebrate reaching a significant milestone in April.

  • SHarrisMBC blog

    Empowered Educators Make Powerful Learners

    Every innovation starts with the recognition that change is not only good, but also necessary to make a difference in someone’s life.

  • BuildaFilter blog1

    Passion for Environment Leads to New "Pop-Up"...

    By Bailey Thompson Passion, curiosity, and a great collaborator lead to some cool ideas. And, around here, cool ideas often become super cool pop-up experiences.

  • MBC 5

    Maker Boot Camp Transforms Educators

    Boot Camp conjures up images of testing limits, hard work, determination, and pushing boundaries. There is also a certain expectation from Boot Camp, the expectation of a physical, mental, and procedural transformation that result in self-improvement.

  • Markblog 1

    Makers are Everywhere around here

    by: Bailey Thompson Play Facilitators like Mark Heinen help spark that curiosity in our guests at the Scott Family Amazeum. They work to create those moments of wonder and discovery that are integral to the everyday amazing experiences our guests expect.

  • ZingIn2018 blog

    2018 Was Some Zing to Celebrate

    A big year calls for a big celebration, and 2018 was huge at the Scott Family Amazeum.

  • Blog photo

    Meet the Maker: Eugene Sargent

    A number of makers called the Scott Family Amazeum home during the first year of the Maker in Residence Program. Each brought a unique brand of creativity to the museum and community.

  • CalderMobile

    Maker Ecosystem a Balance of Creativity, Connections, and...

    If it looks like a mobile. Acts like a mobile. Moves like a mobile. Then, it must be a mobile.

  • AWillshire blogcover

    Meet the Maker: Amanda Willshire

    The Scott Family Amazeum's Maker in Residence Program introduces talented, creative makers to Northwest Arkansas and the creative culture that already exists in the region.

  • Tinkerfest blog post

    Amazeum Makers in Residence Enhance Tinkerfest Experience

    This year's Tinkerfest could easily have been a multi-day "Tinker Festival" largely due to the quality and quantity of makers in attendance. The Amazeum's Makers in Residence Program provided the impetus for a whole new level of making and tinkering.

  • PBT 3

    Research Trip Provides Insights into Supporting NWA Maker...

    Maker ecosystems grow out of a need for people to collaborate, communicate, create, and learn together.

  • Ryan Jenkins blogphoto

    Meet the Maker: Ryan Jenkins

    Creative Collaboration, Cranky Contraptions, and the Rise of Mega-automata  Most people who know about automata think about them as small, human-powered contraptions in a box in which gears, cams, levers, and pulleys automate a clever little vignette.

  • IMG 1028

    Much to Celebrate on Amazeum's 3rd Birthday

    In the three years since we opened, we’ve had an incredible response from our community. In fact, 805,531 incredible responses from guests who visited the museum to play and learn with us.

  • IMG 5983

    Real World Experience for Summer Camp Interns

    Amazeum Program Educators Support Future Teachers by Maddy Baumover   During the second semester of my sophomore year at the University of Missouri, I began to give some thought to where I would be working a summer job.

  • Scheibleblog1

    Meet the Maker: Danny Scheible

    What binds a creative community together? Masking tape.

  • IMG 4000

    Amazeum Hosts Second Maker Summit

    The Scott Family Amazeum hosted makers from across Arkansas for the 2nd Arkansas Maker Summit on Monday, October 16th.

  • IMG 8466

    Meet the Maker: Mark Perez

    Building a Creative Community by Making a Mousetrap The Amazeum hosted Mark Perez, Rose Hardin and their troupe of builder/performers - "fungineers"- as part the Maker in Residence Program funded by the Walton Family Foundation.

  • IMG 0684

    Hundreds Flashback to High School at Amazeum on...

    Adults went back to school Friday, August 18, when they enrolled in Amazeum on the Rocks: High School Flashback.

  • Charette Sam Ken

    Charrette Opens Discussion on Creative Spaces in Public...

    We know you’re thinking: What the heck is a charrette? Charrette, or two-wheeled cart in French, evolved to mean an intense design exercise at the Ecole des Beaux Arts.

  • 5 8 blog picture

    Animaker Camp - The Inside Scoop

    Hey, 9-11 year olds!  Have you been wondering about Animaker Camp?  Let me give you the inside scoop. This week you get to make your OWN movies from start to finish.

  • IMG 20170422 133632

    A weekend of AMAZING learning and fun, here...

    What an incredible weekend we just had!

    Not only did we welcome our 500,000th guest last week, we also had a great week of creativity all around the museum (and country!).  Let us share...

  • IMG 2815

    500,000 Amazing Visitors!

    Thanks a (half of a) million Northwest Arkansas!  A little more than 21 months ago, the Scott Family Amazeum opened its doors after a community-wide effort lasting over a decade.

  • Spring Break Camp

    Spring Break Camp 2017: Under the Big...

    We had so much fun during our Spring Break Camp, exploring the fun world of the circus! Take a look at what our campers accomplished during the week.

  • IMG 2662

    Spring Break 2017: Imagination Staycation

    Thanks to all of the amazing guests who made Spring Break 2017 so wonderful! Here's a peek at some of the fun we had together, including our awesome spring break camp, Under the Big Top, which was made possible by BIC Corporation.

  • Quote for Carrie Beach Blog

    Washington Junior High School Making Spaces

    By Carrie Beach This is one of my favorite quotes.  Sometimes I feel like one of the crazy ones.

  • Arkansas Arts Academy Tinkering captioned

    Tinkering Through the Tears

    by Susan White I have had more students cry in my Maker Space than I have in my entire teaching career! And you know what? It’s a great thing.

  • 701

    Making Spaces, Schools, and the Amazeum - a...

    OK, OK, the cat's *almost* out of the bag - Northwest Arkansas is increasingly becoming a maker haven.

  • Creativity. Curiosity. Community.

    Creativity. Curiosity. Community. These three words are guiding forces in our work here at the Scott Family Amazeum. We would like to share with you a wonderful moment of Community. Without Creativity we would not have art.

  • PC Vortex sized

    Unfield Trips = Impact on Student Learning

    Following your class visit the Scott Family Amazeum on an Unfield Trip, we mail out postcards for your students to reflect on their Unfield Trip experience.

  • IMG 0854

    Zing in the New Year - 2017!

    Dear Amazeum Friends and Families- What an amazing year it has been!  As the Amazeum gets ready to ring in 2017, we find it so satisfying to look back on the past year and a half.

  • Membership Card

    New Membership Cards

    In our first year, more than 8,500 households jumped on board as Charter Members.

  • IMG 7349

    Skill Swap 1 - Lilypad Arduino

    Amazeum team - our first high tech Skill Swap of the year.  Lilypad Arduino programming!  Get ready Amazeum on the Rocks: MakerFashion.

  • #Amazeumroadtrip

    If you’re traveling this Spring Break, be sure to pack your Scott Family Amazeum membership card and receive complimentary or reduced admission at hundreds of museums. The Association of Science-Technology Center (ASTC) Travel Passport programs includes 350 participating museums offering complimentary admission.

  • sam kua joe kua

    Visiting Artist and Exhibit Builder, Kua Patten-

    The Scott Family Amazeum team is working with Kua Patten to develop ideas to add to the Tinkerfest experience and to the museum itself later this year.

  • Screenshot 2016 02 12 14.43.39

    Children's Books Promoting Tinkering

    Want to inspire tinkering and creativity in your kids? Here are some book suggestions from the Scott Family Amazeum team.

  • Tinkering Teachers Feature Image

    Tinkering with Teachers

    Fayetteville Public Schools teachers learn the how and why of tinkering.

  • Soldering Blog Feature Image

    Learning to Solder

    Amazeum staff members, educators learn how to solder.

  • steam2

    Full STEAM Ahead!

    We rounded off our first summer of Amazeum camps with STEAM Camp. We covered a different letter of the STEAM acronym each day: Science on Monday, Technology on Tuesday, Engineering on Wednesday, Art on Thursday, and Math on Friday. These photos offer a sneak peek into some of the exploration that took place at STEAM Camp!

  • curiosity campers

    Curiosity Camp

    We’ve all heard of ‘take your child to work day’. This summer at the Amazeum, we reversed this idea. We hosted a ‘bring your adult to camp’ week where four and five year olds had a chance to immerse their caregivers into the world of play.  

  • The Science of Acting

    The Science of Acting Camp, our second camp of the summer in partnership with Trike Theatre, drew from themes common to both science and drama to create a unique and collaborative program.  This camp was a perfect example of a partnership program as it offered a little bit of everything for both the performer and the scientist in all of us.

  • msb camp

    Magic School Bus Summer Camp

    During the week of July 21-25, 2014, the Amazeum partnered with Trike Theatre to offer our first ever partnership camp. Each morning during that week, we hopped on the Magic School Bus and let Mrs. Frizzle take us on a different journey each day. Children pre-k through 2nd grade looked at the same theme through a different lens at each of the three stations they visited—art, drama, and science.


  • IMG 0541

    Amazeum + Public Libraries = Outrageous Fun!

    The Amazeum created a big splash in Northwest Arkansas by partnering with the local public libraries during summer 2014. In June and July, we went out to 10 public libraries to give more than 1,400 people a sneak peek of the Amazeum’s hands-on style of exploring. 

  • DSC 0023

    Finishing Concrete on Ground Floor-

    Today marked an important day in the construction schedule - the last major concrete pour of the ground floor!

  • Idea Lab Geometry

    The Idea Lab: Geometry in Action

    Geometry: Things I learned in high school mathematics still come up in the most surprising ways!

  • IMG 0621

    Threading a Needle On the Site

    Before construction can begin in earnest on the site, first the team must establish connections to utilities like water and sewer, as well as figure out where all utility lines are located so we don't accidentally disrupt during the building process.

  • IMG 1405

    Central Park Elementary

    Over the course of the last month, the 3rd grade students of Central Park Elementary brainstormed, designed, and created a wide variety of exciting exhibit prototypes.

  • dancing with the stars

    What a night! 7th Annual Dancing with...

    Thank you to everyone who made last night?s 7th Annual Dancing with the Stars of Northwest Arkansas such an outrageous success!

  • DSC00029

    Scott Family Amazeum @ 6 Months...

    With six months under our belt as of today, we would like to again say thank you for joining and supporting us on this amazing journey!

  • Group Photo

    Passion Moves Kids Into Action

    Jennifer Howard, our guest author, is a second-grade teacher at Willowbrook Elementary in Bentonville. Willowbrook students helped Scott Family Amazeum staff prototype Unfield Trip experiences.

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