Amazeum YOU

Congratulations, you've discovered Amazeum YOU!

With all of us keeping our social distance, we're bringing the Amazeum to YOU through our social channels. At Amazeum YOU, you will have access to our Ph.D.'s in Fungineering, specializing in tinkering, making, creativity, and connecting a community of learners with the sciences and arts. 

Joining is quick, easy, and doesn't require an entrance exam. All that's required is that you follow us on Facebook @Amazeum, Instagram @amazeum, and Twitter @Amazeum

That's it, consider yourself matriculated in Amazeum YOU.

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Amazeum YOU is for YOU

No assignments. No tests. No grades. Just playful exploration. And sharing. Sharing the process of exploration with others is encouraged to support our community of learners and connect with others until the Amazeum reopens. 

So, share your photos, videos, "ah-ha's", "whoas", and links to really cool stuff using the #AmazeumYOU. Come along on the journey. 

Each day we'll share ideas for interactive experiences that your family can do at home on our social channels. 

Look for us to get your day of playful exploration started at 10 am. We'll check back in at 3 pm to see how you're doing and what you discovered. 

Facebook @Amazeum | Instagram @amazeum | Twitter @Amazeum

Amazeum YOU videos

Sam Dean welcomes you to Amazeum YOU
- YouTube
Keep track of your process using a journal. 
- YouTube
Explore Ice Balloons
- YouTube
Plushie Pillows
- YouTube
Paper Lanterns
- YouTube
Build a Boat
- YouTube
Water Painting
- YouTube
Build a Bridge
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