Member Spotlight: Thomas's Amazeum Adventure

February 28, 2024

Thomas in the Walmart truck at the Amazeum

At the Scott Family Amazeum, we are deeply moved by the positive impact our museum has on our members, particularly on families like Thomas's. His experience with us embodies the core values we cherish: inclusivity, education, and joy.

Thomas first participated in one of our spring break camps and has since returned for our summer camps, eagerly looking forward to our upcoming mini camps. Despite any initial hesitations, Thomas quickly found his place among our staff and fellow campers, gradually feeling more welcomed, comfortable, and outgoing by the end of each week.

Thomas's mom has expressed her appreciation for the inclusive environment at the Amazeum, recognizing it as not just a place for play but also as a valuable learning space. She has observed that Thomas's occupational therapy integrates seamlessly with our hands-on exhibits, allowing him to benefit from therapeutic play.

One of Thomas's favorite exhibits is the Walmart Market, where he can immerse himself for hours, exploring and playing. This exhibit, along with many others at the Amazeum, provides a secure environment for Thomas to learn and develop, equipping him with skills for success both in school and beyond.

As a family, they have found immense value in their Amazeum membership. They not only enjoy frequent visits to our museum but also take advantage of our ASTC membership, which provides them with access to other museums across the country.

Thomas's mom has shared that the Amazeum has had a profound impact on both her and her children. For Thomas, it has provided a welcoming and inclusive space where he can learn, grow, and build friendships.

Her favorite aspect of the Amazeum is the enriching learning environment it offers. She values that her children can learn and develop through play, fostering important skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking.

She extends her gratitude to the staff at the Amazeum for their kindness and generosity in accommodating Thomas's special needs. She also encourages other families to visit the Amazeum and discover the magic it holds.

The Amazeum is more than just a museum; it's a place where children like Thomas can flourish, learn, and create lasting memories. We are thankful for Thomas and his family's membership and are committed to continuing to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.