Girl Scouts

Workshops, ZINGO and events will engage Scouts in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) related activities designed specifically for Girl Scouts. Check out the FAQ sheet for additional information. The Amazeum also offers workshops and events for Cub Scouts.

Badge Workshops    

Girl Scout Badge Workshops are back and in person! Get ready to earn STEAM-focused Badges the Amazeum way!

Troop Leaders: registration for badge workshops is through the Girl Scout Council using links in the chart below. Advanced registration and payment required.  

Fee per Girl Scout: $20 

Chaperones: 1 Troop Leader and 1 Co-Leader are free 

Check out the FAQ sheet for additional information.

Amazeum Fun Patch Night for Girl Scouts

After the Amazeum closes to the public, Girl Scouts are taking over the museum for an exclusive STEAM event! Girl Scouts get to have even more fun than usual. Come explore exhibits and specialist activity booths with hands-on challenges that will help you earn a unique Amazeum Fun Patch. Join us for a night of uniquely girl-centric tech experiences! Check out the FAQ sheet for additional information.

Advanced registration and payment is required.

Stay tuned for details about the next Amazeum Fun Patch Night for Girl Scouts coming in 2024!

Choose Your Girl Scout Badge Workshop

Troop leaders can now schedule private Badge workshops for their entire troop! Each of the Badge workshops listed below can be reserved for a date determined in collaboration between the Troop Leader and the Amazeum. These private Girl Scout Badge workshops cost $200 for up to 10  scouts with 2 leaders. The two hour long workshop will explore the required activities to earn the Badge. After you've completed the workshop, the only thing left is to buy the badge from your council store! 

To start the Girl Scout Badge Workshop reservation process, please complete this interest form.  An Amazeum team will contact you via email to finalize your reservation. Your reservation is not complete until an Amazeum representative emails you a confirmation letter. Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. 

Choose Your Girl Scout Badge Workshop Options


What Robots Do?
Dive into the dazzling world of robotics! Daisies will learn what robots do and how they move. Once you've completed the workshop, the only thing left is to buy the What Robots Do badge from your council store!

How Robots Move
Have you ever wondered how a robot moves? This is the workshop for you! Daisies will discover how to control robots through programming and coding. Get hands-on with Dash by designing programs to make the robots do simple tasks.  Once you've completed the workshop, the only thing left is to buy the How Robots Move badge from your council store!


Programming Robots 
Ever wonder how robots think? In this workshop, Brownies become engineers as they to discover the different ways of programming and coding robots, like Ozobot, Dash and Sphero. Once you've completed the workshop, the only thing left is to buy the Programming Robots badge from your council store!

Today’s forecast: brainstorms! To earn your Inventor badge, learn how to bring your wild and crazy ideas to life and make them the best they can be. Once you’ve completed the workshop the only thing left is to buy the Inventor badge from your council store!


Ever wonder if you have what it takes to be a real detective? In this STEAM workshop, earn your Detective badge by learning the tools of the trade, following clues, and solving a thrilling mystery! Once you've completed the workshop the only thing left is to buy the Detective badge from your council store!

Product Designer
Get your idea wheels spinning to earn your Product Designer badge! It's time to create, test, and tweak, because the world is waiting for your product!  Once you've completed the workshop the only thing left is to buy the Product Designer badge from your council store!


Textile Artists
Come explore the unique process of needle felting. Learn how to use special felting needles to condense wool into 3D shapes and create your own one-of-a-kind artwork. You’ll start with an idea, create a concept sketch and then use a variety of colored wool to bring your idea to life. Once you have completed the workshop, Seniors  stop by your council store to purchase the Textile Artist badge.

Digital Movie Maker
Explore the science behind movie-making! You've probably spent countless hours watching movies, here is your chance to see what it takes to create a movie from start to finish.Once you've completed the workshop the only thing left is to buy the Digital Movie Maker badge from your council store!

Amazeum Fun Patch Zingo for Girl Scouts 

You've heard of bingo, but ZINGO has an Amazeum twist! Just like regular bingo, you need to complete five challenges in a row, column, or diagonal. But this is where it gets Amazeum-ified! We've come up with fun, community-based challenges for you to complete with your troop virtually, in the community, and at the Amazeum. Each square on your Zingo card is an activity, game or adventure. Enjoy this unique, self-paced Zingo experience as an individual or full troop. 

Start Zingo-ing!

Self-Guided Program 

A Self-Guided Program is available for Girl Scout Daisy Scouts to explore the Amazeum using and earn the Fair and Honest petal. Download the Self-Guided Program for tips on how to prepare for your visit. Groups of 20+ should reserve a group visit at least 2 weeks in advance.