Girl Scouts

Workshops and events will engage Scouts in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) related activities designed specifically for Girl Scouts. The Amazeum also offers workshops and events for Cub Scouts. Check out the FAQ sheet for additional information. 

Badge Workshops    

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, workshops will have a reduced capacity of 10 Girl Scouts and up to 4 leaders per workshop. Educators, Girl Scouts, and leaders will be required to wear face coverings during the workshop. Girl Scouts will be given a kit that will include all supplies needed to complete their discoveries – no sharing required! After the program, Amazeum educators will clean and sanitize the kits.  

Troop Leaders: registration for badge workshops is through the Girl Scout Council using links in the chart below. Advanced registration and payment required.  

Fee per Girl Scout: $15 

Chaperones: 1 Troop Leader and 1 Co-Leader are free 

Check out the FAQ sheet for additional information.

Not able to attend a workshop? Check out our new Badge in a Box- details below program chart! 

Girl Scout Level


Workshop Description

Dates and Times

Registration Closing Date



Today’s forecast: brainstorms! To earn your Inventor badge, learn how to bring your wild and crazy ideas to life and make them the best they can be. Once you’ve completed the workshop the only thing left is to buy the Inventor badge from your council store! 


April 10, 2021
9:30-11:30 am
In-person workshop
Click here to register

 April 8


April 12, 2021
6-8 pm
In-person workshop
Click here to register

 April 8


Robotics 2: How Robots Move 

Have you ever wondered how a robot moves? This is the workshop for you! Daisies will discover how to control robots through programming and coding. Get hands-on with Dash by designing programs to make the robots do simple tasks.  Once you've completed the workshop, the only thing left is to buy the How Robots Move badge from your council store! 


May 1, 2021
9:30-11:30 am
In-person workshop
Click here to register

 April 29


May 3, 2021
6-8 pm
In-person workshop
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 April 29

Badge in a Box

Designed to make Girl Scouting at home stress-free, the Badge in a Box is curated to include almost everything you need to complete a badge at home. The box includes easy to follow instructions and materials for each activity. 

Fee: $10 per box (recommend one box per Girl Scout)
Pick Up Location: Girl Scout Office in Rogers

Daisy Box: What Robots Do
Dive into the dazzling world of robotics! Daisies will learn what robots do and how they move. Click here to purchase a Daisy Box.

Brownie Box: Home Scientist
Science is all around us! Brownies will create chemical reactions, explore static electricity and become kitchen chemists from their own homes. Click here to purchase a Brownie Box.

Junior Box: Product Designer
Get your idea wheels spinning to earn your Product Designer badge! It's time to create, test, and tweak, because the world is waiting for your product! Click here to purchase a Junior Box.

Cadette Box: Textile Artist
Explore the unique process of needle felting. Learn how to use special felting needles to condense wool into 3D shapes and create your own one-of-a-kind artwork. Click here to purchase a Cadette Box. 

Amazeum Fun Patch Zingo for Girl Scouts 

You've heard of bingo, but ZINGO has an Amazeum twist! Just like regular bingo, you need to complete five challenges in a row, column, or diagonal. But this is where it gets Amazeum-ified! We've come up with fun, community-based challenges for you to complete with your troop virtually, in the community, and at the Amazeum. Each square on your Zingo card is an activity, game or adventure. Zingo is self-paced and you have the whole month of March to complete it. You'll earn a special Amazeum Fun Patch once you complete a Zingo! 

$10 program fee includes: digital Zingo card, one Amazeum Fun Patch, admission for one Girl Scout and one adult to the Amazeum during regular museum hours during the month of March. 
Available for all Girl Scout levels

Ready to Zingo?
Step 1: Register to participate by clicking here. A few days after you register, you will receive a confirmation email with your Zingo card. 
Step 2: Print off your Zingo card and create a plan with your troop or caregiver. What pathway do you want to explore to earn your Amazeum Fun Patch?
Step 3: Start Zingo-ing! Check off your Zingo card as you complete an activity square. 
Step 4: Is your Zingo almost complete? Now it is time to plan your visit to the Amazeum. Use the admission code in your confirmation letter to visit the Amazeum during March.
Step 5: Explore exhibits, Pop-Ups, and Tinkering Hub to complete your Zingo card at the Amazeum.
Step 6: Show your Zingo card at the Admission desk to earn your Amazeum Fun Patch.
Step 7: Sew on your Amazeum Fun Patch and celebrate your accomplishment! 

Check out the FAQ for more details. Click here to register! 

Self-Guided Program 

Daisy Girl Scouts can now explore the Amazeum using the Self-Guided Program to earn the Fair and Honest petal. Download the Self-Guided Program for tips on how to prepare for your visit. Groups of 20+ should reserve a group visit at least 2 weeks in advance.