The Amazeum is your destination for exploration.

Exhibits at the Scott Family Amazeum are more than just something to look at. They are opportunities to discover the intersections between the arts, sciences, and creativity through playful exploration. 

Our interactive exhibits, unique pop-up activities, and zinglets (ask a play facilitator) are inspired by the landscape, culture, and innovative spirit of the region. Each experience and activity enable discovery and learning through play. We also host traveling exhibits from across the country!

Spring Break at the Amazeum

Explore Beyond the Stars through the month of March at the Amazeum. Embark on a cosmic adventure through hands-on activities!

Aircraft Creations: Build an aircraft to land and float in a wind column.

Rocket Frenzy: Build and launch rockets.

Crater Creation: Simulate moon crater creation using cornstarch and objects.

Space Coding Adventure: Explore rover coding using DASH.

Astronaut Training: Experience a fun "astronaut physical fitness" test.

Planet Texture Art: Create art exploring textures and colors with marble art.

Space Lander Mission: Build and test craft landing capabilities.

Large Imagination Playground: Expand spatial awareness with oversized blocks.

April's Theme: Earth Explorers

Embark on a Green Adventure with Earth Explorers at the Scott Family Amazeum this April! Young adventurers are invited to celebrate our Earth through immersive and environmentally conscious activities. Engage in the art of recycling as you transform everyday materials into eco-friendly masterpieces, explore the enchanting world of seed paper-making, and wander through a Sensory Garden. Join us in celebrating our Earth together as we inspire a generation of environmentally conscious leaders through hands-on eco-friendly activities and interactive learning.
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