Traveling Exhibits

Coming this September - GEAR UP: The Science of Bikes

Since its inception in the late 19th century, the bicycle affected how people live, work and play. From schoolyards and city streets to bike trails in the Mountain Bike Capital of the World, we encounter bicycles every day. The bicycle is an elegant example of how basic science principles, materials and innovative design combine to beautifully harness force and motion. 

GEAR UP contains display bikes from the 1930's through the present day and hands-on experiences that demonstrate the forces at play when riding a bicycle.  

Gear Up: The Science of Bikes was developed by Carnegie Science Center and produced in partnership with Sciencenter.

What are you going to create today?

Creativity Cubed: Think Outside the Blocks, created by the Amazeum team, invites guests to explore their own creativity through a timeless medium - the block. More than a child's toy, blocks are infinitely adaptable to the imagination of the user. Building with blocks develops intimate understandings of physics (balance, mass, motion, and gravity), spacial awareness, engineering principles, weights, measures, and proportions, and the unique ability of the user to think outside the block.

So, what do you imagine building with thousands of Keva┬« blocks? 

Ready to Play?