Art Studio

The Art Studio is a bright, beautiful, inspirational program area where guests have the opportunity to participate in hands-on, open-ended, creative exploration of visual arts of all kinds.

The Art Studio includes a glass walled painting room where guests use brushes or even their fingers and hands to paint directly onto the glass walls as they blend colors, make designs and draw pictures that can be viewed from outside of the studio. Other features in the Art Studio include a workbench for hands-on creative explorations in clay, paper, cardboard, and other media. Here guests can try their hand at sculpting, origami and other crafts. Since it is a flexible program, space activities in the Art Studio will change periodically to provide guests with new opportunities to flex their creative muscles. Around the Art Studio, wall mounted frames and display cases are available to show off the artwork of local artists and museum guests and to inspire the next generation of budding artists.

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