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Amazeum and COVID-19

 You’re curious about when and how the Scott Family Amazeum will reopen.

We appreciate you for that.

The safety, health, and well-being of our members, guests and team will always be our top priority, and is the critical factor in any decision on how and when to reopen the museum to the public.

The Amazeum is founded on creating interactive, hands-on experiences that integrate the arts and sciences. Amazeum experiences are designed to bring a creative, curious, community together to discover, wonder, explore, and learn with each other. 

COVID-19 challenges our ability to provide our guests with those moments that they have come to expect at the Amazeum in a safe, healthy environment.

We continue to prepare and proceed toward reopening with an abundance of caution and will reopen once all precautions are in place to make the Amazeum a safe environment for you and your family to play and learn. 

Since temporarily closing in March, we continuously monitor the guidance of national and state health officials and scientists. We also stay connected with national museum organizations to coordinate and develop best practices in preparing the museum for your return.  We have thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected the Amazeum, exhibits, and props used by guests when they visit. We established enhanced procedures and processes to maintain and sustain the high-level of cleanliness that you expect from the Amazeum in light of heightened concerns. 

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