Empowering Young Entrepreneurs: The Youth Maker Market Program

February 24, 2024

Youth Maker Market 2024 participants at the Amazeum

At the Scott Family Amazeum, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's a way of life. The Youth Maker Market program exemplifies this ethos, offering a transformative experience for teens aged 11-19. More than just a market event, it's a comprehensive program designed to cultivate creativity, refine tinkering skills, and impart valuable business knowledge.

The program kicked off with Workshop #1, held across schools in McDonald County, Arkansas Arts Academy, Siloam Springs High School, and other locations. Over 243 students participated, engaging in market research and identifying their unique talents and potential products. This workshop not only provided practical skills but also instilled a mindset for creative thinking and problem-solving, crucial for any entrepreneurial endeavor.

Workshop #2, a mandatory session for selected participants, delved deeper into product development, marketing research, merchandising, and salesmanship. The teens also received regular mentorship from the Amazeum team, including experts in retail, tinkering, and teen engagement. This personalized guidance aimed to enhance their skills and provide support as they navigated the complexities of entrepreneurship.

Handmade leather bracelets sold at Youth Maker Market

The culmination of this journey was the Youth Maker Market itself, where young makers showcased and sold their creations to museum guests. This event not only provided a platform for the teens to earn profits but also honed their presentation skills and highlighted their creative journeys.

The impact of the program was profound, as evidenced by the pre and post-workshop assessments. Students reported high engagement and excitement, with significant increases in interest, curiosity, skill development, and confidence levels. These findings underscored the program's success in empowering young entrepreneurs and fostering a positive shift in their attitudes and perceptions.

The Youth Maker Market program is not just about selling products; it's about nurturing the next generation of innovators, artists, and leaders. By spotlighting and elevating the voices of young creatives, the program is shaping a future where creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.

Handmade pottery sold at Youth Maker Market