Member Spotlight- Kelly Stuckey and Erik Hansen Found Love at the Amazeum

February 15, 2024

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In February 2022, one of my best friends, Lisa, and I took our kids to the Amazeum after a snow day. While the kids ran and played, we sat and talked catching up about all the life things. I had been widowed 2.5 years prior and was single and shared with her I would be open to going on a date, but I didn't think it would ever happen because I was completely terrified of online dating and didn't know how to meet anyone as a single mom. I told her literally "he would have to fall from the sky straight delivery from God"... 

Well no more than 20 minutes later, we followed the kids to the water area. My son, Everett went to the pipe building part where he tends to over collect and then lead everyone in what to do. I saw a little girl in there playing with her dad looking on and walked over to tell him to share. He was so kind and said something like "I'm a builder and usually telling the guys what to do so he can boss me around a bit.." He definitely caught my eye and when I walked back over to my friend, she commented how I was blushing and pointed out he wasn't wearing a ring. A few minutes later he followed his daughter to another spot and my friend was convinced she was going to track him down and ask if he was single. She even said "watch my kids" and ran off LOL! She came back a bit later and said no luck to which I replied.. "if I am supposed to meet him, I will."  
A little later, almost closing time, we were in the room off the main hallway and saw them walk by to leave. Lisa, got up and RAN after him down the hall before I could tell her to stop. A few minutes later, she swaggered back in and tossed me his business card and said something like "you're welcome.." I asked her what she said and she admitted once he turned around, she didn't know what to say so it was "my very beautiful friend thinks you are cute and I'm curious if you are single" He reached into his pocket and gave her a card and told her "I am single and I would love to talk to her." Since the ball was in my court, I sent him a text to say hello and introduce myself shortly after we got back home. We went for a walk later that week and the rest is history! We got married with our immediate family in the Fly's Eye Dome at Crystal Bridges in June 2023. We asked Lisa to get ordained and officiate since she was the one who made our introduction!!!