Hershey's Lab

What to Expect at the Hershey's Lab
Are you ready to do cool science experiments with Hershey's candy?

  • This lab is fun for all ages and science ability levels.
  • Easy-to follow instructions will guide you through the day's experiment, and Amazeum educators are here to help!
  • The day's experiment may not include chocolate, because there are so many cool things to learn from different Hershey's candy!

The Hershey's Lab provides several different self-guided experiments that are fun for families and friends to do as a team. The following experiments rotate on a weekly basis.

Chocolate AdventureThis is a unique interactive board game that will take you on a fun adventure on how chocolate is made.

Sweet Speedway: Test the speed of four difference chocolates. Discover which chocolate is the fastest! 

Science of Chocolate Tasting: Chocolate lovers this is the experiment for you! On this tasting journey, you will explore the world of chocolate using your senses. 

Candy Chemistry: Do you like sour candies that make your mouth pucker and squirm or are you more a fan of silky sweet chocolate? Take a dive into the candy jar with this fun science experiment, and let's see where these treats rank!

Ancient Drinking Chocolate: This is one of our special chocolate experiments that will surprise your taste buds and take you back in time!

Fizzy Fun: Focuses on chemical reactions with Ice Breakers.

Flavor Scientist: This experiment involves the science of taste, ingredients, and changing states of matter as melting chocolate cools into a solid.

Float Trip: Explore density, buoyancy and engineering design using 8 different Hershey's candies.

Slinky Science: Test weight and density in the sweetest way we know how: with Hershey's candy and a...slinky!

Special tickets are required to enter the Hershey's Lab. Didn't get a ticket? Here are some helpful tips for your next visit:

  • Tickets for all sessions are released at the Admission desk upon opening - first come first serve - so come early!
  • Are you a member? Be the first to get tickets during member-only hours on Mondays and Saturdays from 9-10 am.

Your admission to Hershey's Lab is sponsored by The Hershey Company.

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