A Day in the Life at an Amazeum Summer Camp from a Facilitator’s Perspective

July 3, 2024

Untitled designWritten by Lillie Dawes, Summer Camp Intern 2024

I can recall countless moments when I have been approached with excited voices exclaiming, "Miss Lillie, look what I made!" with beaming smiles that remind me of the Amazeum's core values: curiosity and play. As a facilitator, my role is to ignite campers' passion for learning, exploring, and creating while providing unwavering support throughout their journeys. Whether we're constructing a cardboard city or mixing together unique substances, each activity fosters an environment that encourages discovery and growth. A day at an Amazeum summer camp is fast-paced, brimming with fun, laughter, learning, and growth, and this is a glimpse into it!

Morning Check-in: Setting the Tone for a Fun Day

We kick off the day with a streamlined check-in process, greeting campers and handing out name tags to build excitement for the adventures ahead. Campers play in the outdoor playscape, encouraging physical activity and fun from the start. Friendships blossom naturally, and I help connect campers with shared interests. Trust-building is essential, so I chat with campers and foster a supportive environment. This morning routine sets the stage for a fun and fulfilling day at camp.

Exhibit Play: Discovering the Wonders of STEAM Together

After check-in, campers eagerly dive into their favorite part of the day: exploring the captivating exhibits! We rotate exhibits weekly to ensure campers experience the full breadth of the Amazeum. I actively engage with campers, asking questions, giving feedback, and joining in the fun. This collaborative exploration of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) concepts fosters understanding and a strong sense of community among campers.

Snack and Morning Meet Up: Fueling Minds and Bodies

We prioritize a morning snack to keep campers energized for their daily adventures. Afterward, we create or review our Community Agreement, fostering a safe and engaging environment. This collaborative process ensures campers can enjoy their experiences without worry. We then play fun icebreaker games like "Would You Rather," allowing campers to create and debate unique scenarios. This break strengthens bonds and energizes everyone for the day ahead.

Morning Activity: Tailored Adventures and Learning Through Play

Each day, our themed activities offer engaging experiences, like crafting armor in Medieval Madness camp. We encourage hands-on learning through play, allowing campers to develop new skills and build confidence, resilience, and creativity. Our dynamic approach ensures mornings at camp are enriching and enjoyable for all.


Lunch and Playtime: Refueling and Connecting

During lunch, campers refuel and recharge, often enjoying meals outdoors in a casual, picnic-like setting. This relaxed atmosphere fosters personal connections; it’s my favorite time to get to know campers! Afterward, they enjoy imaginative play and games, creating lasting memories, like the time we all joined in a lively game of "Monkey in the Middle." These shared moments strengthen friendships and become treasured highlights of their camp experience.

Afternoon Activity: Deepening Engagement with Themed Experiences

Our afternoon activities further engage campers in their chosen theme, either continuing morning rotations or introducing new adventures. These thoughtfully designed experiences help campers delve deeper into subjects and concepts, ensuring that every camper discovers engaging ways to learn, play, and grow while forming lasting friendships.

Afternoon Wrap-Up: Snacking, Cleaning, and Last Moments

Following afternoon activities, campers enjoy a quick snack to recharge. Together, we clean our activity space, fostering responsibility and community. As the day ends, we ensure each camper leaves with a smile, thanks to fun group games and lasting memories. Both campers and facilitators eagerly anticipate the next day's magical experiences.

Every day at Amazeum summer camps is unforgettable, thanks to our commitment to ensuring each camper feels proud and accomplished. By celebrating all achievements, we create a supportive environment where everyone thrives. We hope this peek into our daily camp life has been insightful and look forward to sharing more amazing experiences in the future.

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