Zing in the New Year

We've had fun in 2022, but let's celebrate 2023!

Come Zing in the New Year at the Amazeum on December 31st. Celebrate the New Year by exploring the iconic ball drop event through our interactive activities with a classic Amazeum twist.

Members welcome at 9:00 am general public at 10:00 am.

Make 2023 more fun. 

Start the year exploring and making with our new bilingual exhibition In the Making! Dive into the world of a maker and see the complete process of making- from an idea, to its prototypes, to the mistakes in the middle, finishing with a final product. This exhibition is all about the messy middle of making. 

“What’s often missing from the story of how things are made are the many steps involved in the messy middle part of projects- where you test, revise, and sometimes move backward to move forward”.   --Scott Family Amazeum Executive Director, Sam Dean

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