Makers and Artists

The Scott Family Amazeum connects an increasingly diverse community of all ages with experiential, hands-on learning in the arts and sciences. Recognized for leadership in the Maker Movement in Arkansas and the nation, the Amazeum hosts events like an annual Tinkerfest, monthly Maker Meetups, and supports educators in integrating maker-focused learning into schools through our Making Spaces program. The Amazeum shapes the next generation of creative individuals. 

We believe that bringing professional makers, artists, educators, creatives and a curious community together to explore, collaborate, and inspire leads to interactions critical to innovative thought, future opportunities, creative expression and enhanced quality of life for Northwest Arkansans. Whether you are just curious about making or a skilled maker, artist or craftsperson wanting to connect with other creatives, the Amazeum is your creative space. 

Maker in Residence

The Amazeum's Maker in Residence program brings local and national makers and artists to the museum to facilitate collaboration with the community. Collaborations with diverse makers and artists enrich the public experience, build the Amazeum team's capacity to create high-quality making experiences, deepen an existing culture of curiosity, play and experimentation, and enrich and positively contribute to the work of maker residents and community quality of life.

Makers in Residence

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Teen and Adult Sessions

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The Amazeum is the place for teens and adults interested in exploring or expanding their maker skills with sessions in the Workshop designed to build confidence in expressing their creativity through a variety of media in collaboration with professional makers, artists and craftspeople. Workshop sessions are hands-on, interactive and driven by curiosity. 

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Maker Meetup

Monthly Maker Meetups introduce makers throughout Northwest Arkansas to other makers and resources available in the region to support creativity. At these informal meetings, makers share stories, insights and encouragement that connects the Maker Movement. Discover your next collaborator or find that creative kindred spirit at the next Maker Meetup. 

Meet the Makers

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Arkansas Maker Summit

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Supporting a growing Maker Ecosystem in the region and state is central to the Amazeum's work with entrepreneurs, craftspeople, artists, and educators. Events like the Arkansas Makers' Summit connect creatives from diverse backgrounds to discover what they all have in common - a mindset focused on innovation, curiosity, inclusion, and opportunity. 

Makers' Summit

Making Spaces

The Amazeum is a hub for Making Spaces, a nationwide program supported by Google, that uses an innovative model to assist schools in sustainably integrating making and tinkering into the classroom. The Amazeum partners with the Maker Education Initiative (Maker Ed) and the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh (CMP) to provide local schools with guidance, professional development, and support to jump-start and sustain maker education in classrooms.

Making Spaces

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The Amazeum brought making and tinkering to the community even before the museum opened in July 2015 with the first Tinkerfest held at Old High Middle School in Bentonville. Since then, annual Tinkerfest events continue to celebrate making, tinkering and the creative spirit in all of us by gathering diverse creatives from the region, state and nation to share their knowledge, craft, and passion.


3M Tinkering Hub

The 3M Tinkering Hub inside the Amazeum is home to daily making and tinkering activities designed to explore the insections between science, technology, engineering, art and math and the world in which we live. Open-ended investigation of materials, tools, and technologies driven by curiosity develops an innovative maker-mindset in people of all ages.

In the Hub

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