General Mills Lift, Load & Haul

Cooperation and working together is the name of the game in Lift, Load & Haul. This is a busy, child-scaled distribution center, where the spirit of working together to get a job done prevails. Here, guests carry, ferry, move, lift, hoist, pull, send, convey, and transport objects through a series of conveyors, chutes, and tubes that go up, down, and overhead. Anchoring the exhibition is a real truck cab guests can climb into to experience what it's like to sit behind the wheel of a truck. Guests will work together to sort boxes as they emerge from chutes, scan them to see what is inside, and load them into the truck for shipment. Other elements in the exhibit include a maze of tubes to send scarves soaring and hoists for investigating the mechanical advantages of pulley systems. Guests will explore the magnetic wall and send balls rolling and tumbling down their own distribution system of ramps, spirals and chutes.

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