Unfield Trips

Onsite and Virtual
Unfield Trip Opportunities 

Onsite Unfield Trips

The Amazeum is excited to welcome students and teachers for in-person Unfield Trips! Put the "zing" in the field trip experience with an Unfield Trip.

Students and educators take a deep dive into curiosity, discovery, and creativity through hands-on learning immersed in exploration and inquiry. The Amazeum welcomes educators and students of all abilities, ages, backgrounds, and educational settings. 

In-Person Unfield Trips are available for the 2021-22 school year with limited capacity! New safety requirements are in place to provide a safe and healthy learning experience for students and guests in the museum. 

  • Mask wearing is at the discretion of the school per current CDC guidance. 
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing is encouraged. Hand sanitizing stations are conveniently located throughout the museum. 
  • School groups will not be able to bring lunches into the museum during Unfield Trips. 

Check out FAQ and scroll down for reservation details. 

Hershey's Lab workshops are back! Check out these frequently asked questions and ask about how you can add-on a private Hershey's Lab experience when you reserve your next Unfield Trip. 


Why a Virtual Unfield Trip?

Students and educators take a deep dive into curiosity, creativity, discovery and learning through hands-on, immersive experiences that spark inquiry on an Amazeum Unfield Trip. And kids LOVE them! Check out Virtual Unfield Trip FAQ for more details. 

The Amazeum welcomes educators and students of all abilities, ages, backgrounds and educational settings.


Discover a curated collection of new activities and resources for pre-K through 8th grade students that correlate with Arkansas' Next Generation Science Standards. Discover Unfield Trips feature Amazeum exhibits, include a literature connection, and now links to translations. 

8th Grade LP Screenshot Prek LP Screenshot

Fill out this form to request FREE Discover Unfield Trip resources.


Connect takes the Discover experience to the next level with an Amazeum team member to support your class. You can choose from 2 hands-on and engaging activities that the Amazeum will facilitate with you and your class virtually. 

Cost for a Connect Unfield Trip is $6 per student.

Thanks to a generous gift from the Walmart Foundation, this experience is free for students in pre-K through 12 learning environments in Benton and Washington Counties. 

Connect is only available during these times on Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8-9am, 9:15-10:15am, 10:30-11:30am, 12-1pm, 1:15-2:15pm. 

Fill out this form to request a Connect Unfield Trip. 

Additional reservation details below and in FAQ.


Explore Amazeum-style, hands-on learning in your own classroom with an Explore Unfield Trip experience! Choose between two experiences - Paper Circuits or Ice Balloons, - and recreate the experience from the 3M Tinkering Hub or Energizer Weather & Nature area in your own classroom or home. 

Explore virtual Unfield Trips include a classroom set of supplies (enough for 25 students), a video call with Amazeum team to facilitate the Explore activity with you and your students, and the Discover resources. 

paper circuits kit   ice balloon kit

Cost for registration is $6 per student and the supply kit is $75 for students outside of Benton and Washington Counties.  

Registration is free for students and supply kits cost $25 in Benton and Washington Counties. 

Fill out this form to request an Explore Unfield Trip.

Additional reservation details below and in FAQ.

Reservations and Fees

The Scott Family Amazeum is currently accepting reservations for 2021-22 school year virtual and onsite Unfield Trips.

Please closely review the onsite Unfield Trip Frequently Asked Questions and the Virtual Unfield Trip Frequently Asked Questions

To start the Unfield Trip reservation process, please complete this onsite Unfield Trip interest form. An Amazeum team member will contact you within 2 business days via email to finalize the reservation. Be sure to check your spam folder! 

Virtual Unfield Trips can be requested using the links provided in the virtual Unfield Trip section above.

Your reservation is not complete until an Amazeum representative emails you a confirmation letter. 

Thanks to the generous support of the Walmart Foundation, admission and virtual resources are free for pre-K through 12th grade public, private, homeschool, and charter school students in Benton and Washington Counties.

Important, Please Note:  If you have booked an Unfield Trip visit to the Scott Family Amazeum, and you'd like your group to visit the nearby Crystal Bridges Museum as well, you must contact Crystal Bridges directly to schedule your visit in advance. 

Grade Level Tools

Get the most out of your Unfield Trip by utilizing these Grade Level Tools.

Click on your grade level to access resources that connect the Amazeum experience to classroom curriculum by inspiring learning before, during, and after the visit. You'll also find tools for arranging Unfield Trip logistics such as maps, parent letters, and student grouping planner.

pre - K K - 1  2 - 3  4 - 6  7 +

Kids and Educators Love Unfield Trips

"After visiting the Amazeum I am more curious about how things work and how things are operated. I really enjoyed this field trip because I got to learn while having fun! I hope to come back and learn more while having an amazing time!"

-4th grade student 

"My class loved attending the Amazeum. There are so many hands-on and sensory activities that they are able to participate in. It also allows the students to have a sense of freedom and free choice in what they get to do that is seldom seen in other places. We will be back next year!"

-Middle School Special Education teacher

"After visiting the Amazeum I am more curious about how magnets work on metal and not on other things. I am also wondering how the magnet has the force and how we could feel the force of it pushing. I am wondering how they make all the stuff like the smoke, grocery store, and the screen room and SpongeBob!"

-5th grade student

"The most beneficial part of the Amazeum 'Unfield Trip' was to see the science portion that reflected our 5th grade science standards. Specifically seeing the water section of the museum coincided with the lesson we talked about earlier int he year."

-5th grade teacher

"After visiting the Amazeum I am more curious about animation. I saw it in the Nickelodeon studio. The sound tower was super cool. I am also more curious in water and wind. That's why I like the water works. It's very cool that water can flow many different ways with wind. I also like puzzles. They can exercise your brain."

-4th grade student

"I can honestly say that the activities were perfect for all our kids. Throughout the year, we spent a lot of time working on Science portfolios and I wish we had been able to take the kids to the Amazeum earlier in the year. I think our portfolio projects would have been more beneficial to the students had they seen your amazing water tornado first. We definitely will be bringing our students again next year. To quote one of our most challenging students, 'This was the BEST field trip ever!' We would like to give a heartfelt 'THANKS!' to the Scott Family Amazeum staff who made this a very enjoyable experience and to everyone at the Walmart Foundation for funding this amazing interactive learning facility."

-Special Education teacher

"The Unfield Trip was beneficial for our students because they explored, played, role-played, discovered, laughed, and learned. Their faces and their questions prove that while at the Amazeum, they really are learning and wondering about things!"

-3rd grade teacher

Sensory Friendly Days!

Everyone is welcome to attend a day of celebration and fun as we focus on guests with special needs.

Small-scale groups of special education students will be able to reserve Unfield Trips and families with or without members with special needs are invited to join in the fun! The Amazeum team will have sensory friendly activities, facilitate play across all abilities, and provide an opportunity for guests to connect to one another in an understanding environment.