Professional Development

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Science Investigations

Professional development workshops to dive into Science phenomenon that include inquiry, hands-on learning, and connections to AR Science Standards. 

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Tinkering & Making

As the leading resource for school based tinkering in NWA, the Amazeum offers several professional development workshops to support schools as they implement tinkering and develop makerspaces. 

Private workshops for schools and workshops for individuals are available.

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professional development

Early Childhood Education

Professional development for early childhood educators at the Amazeum is filled with play! We believe educators need to play too! Through hands-on experiences, early childhood education professionals will be inspired to implement child-driven, play-focused learning opportunities that allow children to become effective learners.

Private workshops for early childhood centers and preschools are available.

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A group of educators smiling for the camera at Educator Night Out at the Amazeum

Educator Night Out

Join us for an evening of networking, giveaways, and professional development sessions. The Amazeum is open only for educators to play, explore, and make connections between their educational settings and the Amazeum.

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