Unfield Trips Tools - K-1

Grade Level Guide: K-1st Grade

Amazeum Map/Chaperone Guide - Spanish
Amazeum Map/Chaperone Guide - Hmong
Amazeum Map/Chaperone Guide - Marshallese
Amazeum Map/Chaperone Guide - English

Parent Letter template- Spanish
Parent Letter template- Hmong
Parent Letter template- Marshallese
Parent Letter template- English

Student Grouping Planner: Kindergarten
Student Grouping Planner: 1st grade

Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards connections:
1st grade

Tornado extension lesson plan: wind and flying creations - Kindergarten
Colored Shadows extension lesson plan: light and shadows - 1st grade

Literacy Connections: Kindergarten
Literacy Connections: 1st grade

KWLS Activity: K-1st Grade PDF and Google Slide

KWLS Vocabulary: K-3rd Grade PDF and Word

Pre-Visit Activities
       Discover Erosion: K
       Birds We Know: 1st grade

Post-Visit Activities
       Erosion Community: K
       Bird Beaks: 1st grade