STEAM Investigations

Private Workshops

Registration Details

The Amazeum offers private workshops for STEAM Investigations. Full descriptions are available below. Each private workshop is 2 hours long with the date determined in collaboration between school and Amazeum. Private workshops are best when held at Amazeum due to the experience and access to resources/tools. However, workshops can be held at your school site.  Workshops are ADE-approved for professional development credit. Professional Development workshops held in-person have new processes and procedures to maintain a healthy and safe environment. More information provided during registration.

Fee*: two-hour workshop at Amazeum for up to 25 teachers: $450
          two-hour workshop at school site** for up to 25 teachers: $500

Advanced registration and payment required by contacting Director of Education at

*Fees listed are negotiable with the Director of Education based upon quantity and frequency.
**Additional fee may apply for sites over 45 miles from Amazeum. 

Professional development workshops are designed for adult only.  

Workshop Descriptions 

STEAM Investigation workshops are for educators of students in grades 1-8. Each 2 hour session will include inquiry, hands-on tinkering, and time to reflect using NGSS Science & Engineering practices and the Amazeum's Core Values of Tinkering. The Amazeum will provide guides for each activity which include connections to literature, STEAM disciplines, and PBL ideas. Workshop options include: 

Investigate Change: The Matter with Ice Explore the possibilities of ice as it changes states of matter, reacts to tools, and transforms with color.
Investigate Lift: What’s Up with That Discover the wonder of flying objects and the air principles that support them. 
Investigate Power: Connect with Circuits Engage with electricity in a safe, fun way by completing your own circuits.
Investigate Movement: How We Roll Play with physics to learn about the rules that describe force and motion.
Investigate Shape: Thinking in 3D Explore spatial awareness and bring math to life by using everyday materials to design shapes.