Exhibit, Maker, Maker in Residence

Visiting Artist and Exhibit Builder, Kua Patten-

February 12, 2016

The Scott Family Amazeum is fortunate to be hosting a talented artist and exhibit builder, Kua Patten, on Thursday October 1st and Friday October 2nd.

Kua Patten of Patten Museum Consulting has been working with museums for decades, most notably at the world-renown Exploratorium in San Francisco as their Director of Exhibit Services, building exhibits and experiences for museums worldwide.  Kua and I have worked together for many years - first, my museum was a partner of the Exploratorium, then I moved to the Exploratorium and San Francisco to work with Kua running the overall museum partnership program and building a consulting team to better work with partners worldwide.  Kua has always amazed me with his broad knowledge of what is happening in interactive science museums worldwide, and his ability to balance an artist's aesthetic with the ability to create complex, open-ended experiences that are enjoyable for kids and parents alike.

Kua Patten, Bill Booth, Sam Dean, Joe Ansel

Through our Brown Bag series, Kua is sharing some of his recent work around the world, including work with the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw and the Kocaeli Science Center just outside of Istanbul, Turkey.

Kua is helping the Amazeum team evolve our plans for our wood and machine shop, prepare for the upcoming Tinkerfest on October 10, and planning for a residency series later over this upcoming school year.  Get ready for some great things in partnership with Mr. Patten!

Stay curious everyone-


Below: Kua Patten, Erik Smith, and Sam Dean prototyping elements for a larger light installation in the central office.

Exploring light, reflections, and materials