Skill Swap 1 - Lilypad Arduino

April 23, 2016

One of the best parts about working in museums that are really hopping, truly on a great creative trajectory, is that the team is hungry to learn and try new ideas.

A pathway we use as an organization to capture new ideas that are a step or two beyond where we currently are is to spend some time experimenting with the ideas and materials ourselves.  And finding like-minded people in the community who can share their gifts with us.  By hosting team Skill Swaps, we can bring to bear the incredible talents of our team and community to have fun, learn new skills, and advance creatively as an organization.

Skill Swap: Wearable Electronics, Arduinos & Lilypads

In honor of the upcoming tinkering convening and Amazeum on the Rocks adult night around hi/lo-tech fashion, we realized we needed to dive a bit more into the world of arduino micro controllers and LEDs.

A big thank-you to Eugene Sargent, an amazing NWA artist, for leading us in learning more about arduino programming, and some basics on how to get started making LED bling with arduinos work.

We're excited to share some of our work in our upcoming Amazeum on the Rocks: MakerFashion adult night - hope to see you on Thursday night!




Neopixel Nirvana

Getting Lilypad and Neopixel to talk

Amanda Buckle

Amanda getting ready for AOTR

Sewing circuits

Chris sewing LED's into outfit

IMG 7341


Eugene Sargent showing some simple coding, and how photo resistor can affect LED brightness.

IMG 7350

For many of our team, it was the first time not just to code, but also to solder components together.  A double dose of fun!