Meet Hannah Thesing

July 7, 2021

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be working with the Scott Family Amazeum as a summer programs intern.

The Amazeum’s summer camps provide hands on learning experiences that evoke curiosity and  excitement for learning within kids and give them  the opportunity to explore our world in new and exciting ways! Navigating through the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, our programs encourage kids to hone their creativity and imagination and develop their critical thinking skills.

This internship provides me with the wonderful opportunity to experience program design in motion and see it through the stages of  development and implementation within the community. As I begin to  pursue my Master’s of Public Health in Program Design and Global Policy, I am so grateful for this experience and excited to see how all the knowledge I have gained here will assist me in my future career. I look forward to the rest of this summer and all the fun it will bring!


My favorite moment so far is . . . mythical creatures themed day. The other interns and I decided to wear cowboy hats and dress and ‘mythical creatures wranglers.’ We talked in southern accents all day and really bought into the story which allowed the kids to buy into the story. I specialized in fairies.





They’ve shown me what quiet and gentle leadership looks like in a classroom. A lot of times we think that kids need very big direction and lots of loud and assertive. You don’t always need that. Sometimes kids just need a gentle push or a friend that is always there. You don’t always need to be in their bubble.