Making Spaces Innovates NWA Learning Enviornments

July 14, 2020

Bentonville, AR, May 7, 2020 – Making and tinkering are core to educational experiences at the Scott Family Amazeum and in the museum’s work with schools in Northwest Arkansas. Shortly after opening in July 2015, the museum became the regional hub for the Making Spaces: Expanding Maker Education Across the Nation Program. This program uses an innovative model to support schools in sustainably integrating making and tinkering into classrooms by developing makerspaces.

“Now more than ever, including making and tinkering in the curriculum inside and outside of school supports developing skills to address novel challenges,” says Mindy Porter, director of education at the Amazeum.

“In the process of making and tinkering, kids discover that playing with their own ideas drives creative problem-solving and leads to innovative solutions. They learn the skills and develop a mindset that is agile, curious, and ready to think differently.”  - Stacey Harris 

Not all the makerspaces are the same, but each is aligned to a set of principles that promote hands-on learning, open-ended exploration, and significant experimentation with students at the center.