Magic School Bus Summer Camp

February 12, 2016

During the week of July 21-25, 2014, the Amazeum partnered with Trike Theatre to offer our first ever partnership camp. Each morning during that week, we hopped on the Magic School Bus and let Mrs. Frizzle take us on a different journey each day. Children pre-k through 2nd grade looked at the same theme through a different lens at each of the three stations they visited?art, drama, and science.

At the science station on the first day, we travelled inside the human body.  Campers discovered how the human heart works, how to take their pulse, and how to keep their hearts strong.

pulse          heart journal

On day two, the Magic School Bus turned into a flying creation and we went up in the sky to learn about wind. Campers made their own flying creations and tested them out in our wind tubes. Some built with strawberry baskets and foam while others built with cups and yarn, but at the end of the day every camper went home with their own invention and their curiosity flying high!

wind tube 3

On the third day, the Magic School Bus got recycled so we played the decomposing game to learn what happens when we send trash to the landfill. We also explored repurposing materials by creating kinetic sculptures out of recycled scraps.  We tested our sculptures in the fan to see how they swung, twirled, and fluttered in the wind. 

decomposing game2        kinetic sculpture 2      kinetic sculpture 3

On day four, we went on a journey with Mrs. Frizzle inside a rainbow. We learned all about light and how rainbows are formed. We separated white light into different colors using water and glass prisms. We also learned about how colored lights come together to make white light with the colored shadows activity.

prism        water rainbow         colored shadows2

On the last day of camp, parents came to visit and campers got to share with their families some of the fun things they learned about and played with throughout the week. Everyone had a great time at Magic School Bus camp!