Hundreds Flashback to High School at Amazeum on the Rocks

August 23, 2017

Adults went back to school Friday, August 18, when they enrolled in Amazeum on the Rocks: High School Flashback.

IMG 0692

Chemistry class in the Hershey's Lab

By the time classes ended at 9:30 pm, students wished they had more time to study physics, biology, chemistry, to take shop and home economics, and to participate in physical education. Not many people can say that about their high school experience! It’s probably because they never got to play Hungry, Hungry Humans in P.E. or build part of a giant Rube Goldberg machine in AP Physics. And the 3D printers in shop class hadn’t even been invented yet. And if you got served Detention, you went back for more. Bentonville Brewing Company was on hand with two special beers named Detention and Hall Pass.


IMG 0745

Upcycling in Home Economics


Amazeum on the Rocks nights are specifically designed to give adults 21 and up the opportunity to reclaim their childlike curiosity and engage in the museum without worrying about what the kids might think. Each event has a theme that resonates with an adult population, but remains juvenile enough to make participants think “I’m too old for this, but, what the heck! Why should kids have all the fun?” And that’s exactly what we’re trying to do with On the Rocks events – allow adults the freedom to behave like a child. They might even learn something in the process.


IMG 0714

Art class

We want to thank Wright, Lindsey, and Jennings and Saatchi and Saatchi X for sponsoring this evening of fun for adults.

If you missed this On the Rocks, don’t worry. There’s another one in the works for February, and it’s going to be a free-wheeling time. Keep checking our social media sites and website for information and the opportunity to purchase advanced tickets.