Meet Heather Drouse

July 28, 2022

SummerInterns 4

Why did you choose the Amazeum for your internship?

My name is Heather Drouse and I’m one of the Summer Programs Interns this year at the Amazeum. I’m a senior creative writing major at the University of Arkansas, and though that has nothing to do with children, I’ve worked with them in the past and enjoyed every bit of it. I was so excited to be offered this internship because I am in love with all things crafting, and especially helping children connect with crafts and what they can teach you. The thing that I was the most excited for going into this internship aside from that, though, was how much I would be learning from it. I really love learning new things and reaching that moment where you think to yourself, “Yeah, I think I’ve got this.” Lucky for me, that feeling has come many, many times throughout the weeks I’ve been working here, and it really never gets old! I’m so happy to be a part of the Amazeum team and to be one of the many people here working towards giving children their very own “Aha!” moments each and every day. I can only hope that those breakthrough moments stick with the kids as much as they stick with me. In saying all of this, I am just so grateful that I have been given this opportunity to work at the Amazeum and meet all of the amazing kids that have come to summer camps. I’m going to miss this so much!