The Idea Lab: Geometry in Action

February 12, 2016

Geometry: Things I learned in high school mathematics still come up in the most surprising ways!

One section of our building, the Idea Lab - located along the west side, has a very elegant ellipsoidal design, to be clad in cedar planks.  It will be an area for ideation for the team, where we can go to plan and dream our programs, exhibits, and events.  But the shape presents challenges - how do you construct a room that has complex curves like this?  When the curve itself changes over its length?

As the building footers are being established this month, we are excited to watch the construction team take these ideas, and create their own tools to make this ellipsoidal room possible.  How will they use the two focal points to build a perfect curve?  More to come!

Idea LabIdea Lab Geometry