Finishing Concrete on Ground Floor-

February 12, 2016

It has been a trying week for the construction team, with rain leading to not only delays in the pour, but also wet conditions onsite.  The team has had to use the leaf blower to move water off of the vapor barrier (lies between the gravel subsurface and the concrete, to keep the final slab from becoming wet from below and degrading).

Today marked an important day in the construction schedule - the last major concrete pour of the ground floor! Around 200 yards (about 20 trucks) of concrete were poured starting at 3 am over the last part of the slab inside the building - the Lobby, Museum Store, Cafe, and Idea Lab!  With this pour, the ground floor of the Amazeum is almost finished.  Steel for the Entry and Lobby starts going up soon.

DSC 9988

Using sump pumps to pull rain water out of site.


Pump Truck can lift concrete slurry up and over to where it needs to be poured. 

DSC 9981

Pump operator Robert has a remote control to be able to maneuver the boom arm, getting the concrete right where it needs to be!