Animaker Camp - The Inside Scoop

May 9, 2017

Hey, 9-11 year olds!  Have you been wondering about Animaker Camp?  Let me give you the inside scoop. This week you get to make your OWN movies from start to finish. You will write the story and choose what characters play the parts. Then you actually get to CREATE the actors, costumes, props, and sets from scratch. You don’t have a movie making background, you say? No worries! Throughout the week we will learn different ways to plan, design, and film your vision. I know many of you love looking at and posting videos on Snapchat and Instagram. The skills we learn in camp can be used in any type of movie, even a Snapchat story!  I’m excited to teach and learn with you. Hurry up, July 17th!

-Meg, your fearless Animaker Camp Educator and Future Film Producer