Amazeum + Public Libraries = Outrageous Fun!

February 12, 2016

The Amazeum created a big splash in Northwest Arkansas by partnering with the local public libraries during summer 2014. In June and July, we went out to 10 public libraries to give more than 1,400 people a sneak peek of the Amazeum?s hands-on style of exploring. 

The experiences we presented at each public library varied from a workshop to full scale event. At Bentonville Public Library and Gravette Public Library, visitors drew their own animation strips and put them in the zoetrope to watch their images come alive.


Did you know that biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts can transform into an incredible building material? Take a look at all the sculptures children at the Bentonville Public Library and Fayetteville Public Library made from this everyday material!

packing peanut sculptures 1           packing peanut sculptures 4

Hands of all ages loved the sewing station we set up at the Fayetteville Public Library and Bentonville Public Library. Adults and children spent hours creating pictures and spelling out their names using burlap and yarn!

sewing 1           sewing 2

The cloud in a bottle experiment amazed folks at the Rogers Public Library, Bentonville Public Library, and Fayetteville Public Library! All it takes is a bicycle pump, a few drops of rubbing alcohol, and a plastic bottle for the amazing science to happen!

cloud in bottle

The wind tube became the most popular exhibit after making an appearance at 8 public libraries! Countless amazing flying creations of all shapes and colors were designed and tested in the wind tube?and redesigned and retested multiple times! 

wind tube 1                   wind tube 2