Aayushi's Amazeum Adventure

August 10, 2022

My Amazeum Experience

AayushiHeadshots 01Hi my name’s Aayushi and this summer I had the opportunity to be an intern for the Scott Family Amazeum and work alongside their marketing team! During my time at the museum I was able to gain knowledge on and experience what truly goes on behind-the-scenes and learn exactly what marketing entails.  

My first few weeks as an intern I learned the basic modes of communication used for marketing specifically for the Amazeum and becoming familiar with these platforms such as their website and social media. I learned the importance of understanding our audience and catering towards their needs so naturally I got to go out on the exhibit floor and play.

Screen Shot 2022 08 10 at 11.11.33 AM


From there I jumped into videography. Without any prior knowledge of using video, their digital media and marketing coordinator, Chelsea Hidalgo assisted me every step of the way ensuring that I understood the essential elements of videography. These ranged from learning about headroom to basic techniques such as more content is always better and moving closer to a subject rather than zooming in to preserve image quality. There had to be some fun along the way, so my first project was a recap video of ice tie dye with the staff in honor of Pride Month. Everyone was able to express themselves and we got to see their personalities shine through their t-shirts.

I then had the opportunity to use Adobe Premiere Pro and learned how to piece together footage seamlessly, but of course we had to make the most of practicing this skill by getting the museum team together to create a couple of TikToks along the way!


AayushiShots 02


The next week, we switched to photography, where I learned how to operate a camera and the basics of shutter speed, aperture, and exposure. But of course not without having a mini photoshoot all around the amazeum beforehand! During this time I was able to practice my photography skills by taking pictures for Priceless Nights and summer camps, then editing them with tools such as Adobe Lightroom. 

Soon I got to put my newly acquired skills in action as the Amazuem’s 7th birthday celebration was approaching and I was in charge of our social media pages. I was going around gathering content for our social media platforms all while being in charge of our cotton candy station! You could say it was a pretty wooly wonderful day.

IMG 3939

Digital Design

The following weeks we dove into one of my favorite lessons, which was learning all about digital design. I learned the basics of Adobe Illustrator and created my first digital board for membership promotion. I learned essential skills when it comes to project files, such as always saving a working file and that 2 is 1 and 1 is none. Additionally, I discovered the differences between RGB and CMYK color values and when to employ each one based on the project's goals.IMG 0037 Naturally, this wasn’t done without taking breaks to photograph the summer camps and joining them in their archery adventures as well as receiving a visit from the famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile and returning with their one-of-a-kind hotdog whistles.

                             Final Project

20220803 164945As a result, for my final project, I decided to create stickers for the Amazeum. Throughout this experience I realized that it wasn’t as simple as it appears. I created several drafts of my circuit block designs before settling on the one that included everything I desired and served its intended purpose. From there, I was able to bring my designs to life with Adobe Illustrator, creating multiple versions to find the best one. I also had the opportunity to work with Christine Pendry, the Amazeum's production artist, and learn firsthand from a professional graphic designer. 

During my internship, I was able to not only learn new skills, but also apply them to the real world. As I wrap up my time at the Amazeum, I have a greater understanding of not only marketing as a whole, but also the work environment and what it means to be a part of a team. I was able to witness how supportive and welcoming the Amazeum staff is, as well as how eager they are to help and collaborate with one another. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I will carry these skills and knowledge with me as I start my senior year of high school! My time at the Amazeum was truly one to remember!