A weekend of AMAZING learning and fun, here and away!

April 24, 2017

What an incredible weekend we just had!

Not only did we welcome our 500,000th guest last week, we also had a great weekend of creativity all around the museum (and country!).

Member Preview of Imaginate, a new exhibition of innovation

On Saturday, the Amazeum was so happy to open our brand new temporary exhibition, Imaginate.  It is one of my favorites.  The exhibition pushes kids and adults alike to imagine, created, design, and innovate...together. From creating a face collage to drumming with your heartbeat, there are great collaborative experiences for families.

We were thrilled with the full house Member Preview, welcoming over 500 guests for the sneak peek, followed up by a busy day throughout the museum.  I expect the gallery will be packed throughout the summer!  Come Imaginate with us.


Amazeum Tinkerfest-ing in California

Also on Saturday, Jason Quail and Amanda Hart from our Tinkering team headed out to California to assist the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland host their very first Tinkerfest!  Tinkerfest is an Arkansas-grown event, first starting in Little Rock and expanding out to all of the partners of the Arkansas Discovery Network...and now to our partners in other places like Omaha and Oakland! 

Check out the roster of amazing guests they brought out here.

For those of you who have attended our Tinkerfests, the Chabot team came out here in October to help us throw our TinkerFest party, and their executive director, Adam Tobin, has been a featured tinkerer for two of our events.  Adam used to be a toy inventor, creating such amazing products as Fridgits and Tub Tunes, and came out to build and share his talents with us.  We are thrilled to continue to grow our Tinkerfest colleagues here and in great communities across Arkansas...and the country.


IMG 20170422 164942

Chabot Executive Director Adam Tobin, and the craziest instrument I have seen


Car Take-Apart

IMG 20170422 112452

Car? Plane? They took apart lots of engines!

IMG 20170422 104512

Amazeum collaborative Pac-Man, with new fabric control buttons! A prototype...


IMG 20170422 105916