Papertopia takes shape over Spring Break

March 5, 2019

Imagination Takes Shape at Amazeum during March

Community Collaborates to Create Papertopia: Where Imagination Takes Shape


BENTONVILLE, Ark. (March 4, 2019) — There is an interesting new experience about to take shape at the Scott Family Amazeum, and it is not going to be built by the Amazeum team. Starting March 9, guests at the Amazeum collaborate to construct Papertopia: Where Imagination Takes Shape in the museum’s Traveling Exhibit Gallery using cardboard, corrugate, craft paper, and other paper media.

The Amazeum is known for interactive experiences that creatively explore the intersection of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) through hands-on exhibits. Papertopia takes creativity to new heights by providing a framework and materials for families to use in constructing an imaginary world. Papertopia is open to guests of all ages and abilities.

Providing families with opportunities to be creative is something that the museum continuously looks for in experiences. The museum intentionally looks for activities that fall outside of traditional creative pursuits. People can be intimidated when drawing or painting, so the Amazeum creates experiences where everyone can participate and there is no value expectation – no good or bad, right or wrong. Papertopia is a place where there are no preconceived ideas because it grows organically as people interact and add their own elements.

Open-ended activities support creative thinking. As kids of all ages decide what to incorporate into Papertopia, they learn collaboration, communication, problem solving, and critical thinking in a way that is interactive and fun. In Papertopia, kids construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct during the course of the experience, which will be open from March 9 through April 1.

This is the second year that the museum features an interactive experience for families during March. Last year, guests built their own playground with found materials in Adventure Playground.

A community spotlight featuring Bay Cities Packaging and Design lays the foundation for Papertopia on Saturday, March 9, from 12 to 2 pm. Papertopia: Where Imagination Takes Shape is included in paid daily admission or membership.