Bicycle Friendly Features

The trails found in Northwest Arkansas are crafted to initiate exploration and imagination.

Being in a nationally recognized biking location, the Scott Family Amazeum takes great pride in being bike accessible and bike friendly.

The Razorback Greenway trail system reaches the better part of Northwest Arkansas, connecting the animated suburban communities with the Amazeum. Using the Greenway, guests can access the Amazeum via the Crystal Bridges Trail. From the Crystal Bridges Trail, visitors should merge onto the Art Trail, the Tulip Tree Trail, and then to the Orchard Trail. A hydration station is available off of the Orchard Trail, located in the additional parking lot of Crystal Bridges. The Amazeum is located to the right, adjacent to the Orchards Park.

A variety of Bentonville trails lead to the Amazeum, also. For more information, please explore the Visit Bentonville website for area biking resources, events and maps.

Bicycle friendly features to look for at the Amazeum include a free bicycle repair station, water bottle filler and parking availability, supported by the generosity of Coca-Cola. Of course, you are always welcome to come in and play!

Whether your ride leads to or starts at the Amazeum, have fun, be safe, and wear a helmet!