Amazeum YOU Experiences

Mud Mandelas

Channel your creativity into natural elements and make beauty with things you find in nature. Paige Van Oudheusden arranges natural materials into creative patterns to make unique, attention-grabbing geometric designs. 

Mud Painting

Paint doesn't get any more eco-friendly than this. Haley Gastineau helps you express your creativity with a medium that people have used for centuries - mud. 

Mud Bricks

People have been constructing structures with mud for centuries. Now you can too.Dallas Heasley mixes soil, water and creativity to make a natural building material that can be formed into many different shapes so that you can build any structure you imagine. 

Tech Take-a-Part

Curious about what's inside that electronic device? Try being a technoarcheologist. Adam Jenkins uncovers the incredible collection of technology found inside electronic devices that makes them function to help us work, play, learn and explore the world around us. 


When is a liquid a solid and a solid a liquid? When it's a non-Newtonian fluid.Kaylee Shapiro explores the incredible properties of non-Newtonian fluids in this hands-on exploration of Oobleck, an easy to make substance that behaves like a liquid and a solid. 

Butter Slime

Slime so smooth, it's like butter. But don't put it on toast. Alivia Broadway slips in a little chemistry as she creates a polymer that slides between your fingers. 

Foam Block Building

Design and construct your own imaginary world and learn shapes at the same time.Michelle Minor offers a fun, creative way to playfully explore shapes, colors, balance, and composition with foam blocks and foam soap as materials. 

Candy Chemistry

Can red cabbage tell you if a liquid or solution is an acid or a base? Believe it or not, yes.Jill Theroux conducts an experiment that you can do at home to discover the acidity of liquids, solutions, and even candy. But first, you will need make a odiferous indicator solution out of red cabbage. 

Float Trip

Why do some things float and others don't? Hannah Baker helps you navigate the waters and explore density, buoyancy and specific gravity in this Hershey's Lab experience that you can do at home.  

Flavor Scientist

Science experiments can be delicious opportunities to learn when you explore tasty treats. Abbigale Whitfield brings you some sweet science from the Hershey's Lab that you can do at home with ingredients found in your pantry.