April 28, 2020  |   Textiles, Making, Creativity

The traditional practice of weaving to create cloth, gets a new twist.

Kimberly Kay introduces to different ways you can weave together materials to create something that is functional beautiful or both. 

Materials | Supplies

  • yarn
  • ribbon
  • fabrics strips
  • strips of plastic bags
  • scissors
  • paper plate, cardboard circle, or small loom
  • ruler
  • pencil, pen, marker

Concepts Explored

  • patterns
  • fine motor skills
  • eye-hand coordination
  • symmetry
  • pre-writing skills

Discovery Starters

Did you notice that some materials were easier to weave with? Why?

What happens if your try a different pattern that over/under?

Could you weave with other materials?

Explore Further

How many examples of woven materials can you find in your house?

How could weaving be used to recycle items? 

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