Amazeum YOU Experiences

Metal Noise Maker

Think you know how sound travels best? You might be surprised to find out that it's all in your head.Jacob Copps discovers how sound travels by banging items against a wall, table or chair to make sounds in his head, and you can too.

 |  Science, Sound, Exploration

Fizzy Fun

Curious about chemistry and chemical reactions?Abbigale Whitfield explores how common household items react when combined in this experience from the Amazeum Hershey's Lab. 

 |  Science, Experiment, Hershey's Lab

Bubbles 2.0

Capture air in a flexible membrane of H20 and a surfactant to create beautifully unique shapes that float. Adam Jenkins expands your knowledge of chemistry and blows up conventional wisdom on the need for glycerin for large, long-lasting bubbles.

 |  Science, Polymers, Creativity

Build an Aqueduct

Water will find its own way, but flow control is needed, engineers give it some help. 
Adam Jenkins immerses you in the engineering behind some of the oldest man-made structures on earth - aqueducts and gets you started engineering your own.

 |  Engineering, Science, STEAM