Amazeum YOU Experiences

Flying Creations

Can you make a paper cup fly? How about an egg carton? You can make Flying Creations from many items found around the house.Alicia Jones prepares you for liftoff with pre-flight directions on making common materials fly. The question is not can they fly, but for how long?

 |  Tinkering, Physics, Creativity

Air Powered Vehicles

Air is a powerful force when set in motion. Ray Weatherford revs up the engineering and gets you started designing, building, and testing vehicles powered by air. 

 |  Engineering, Design, Physics

Paper Airplanes

What starts out flat, requires some thought, and can fly? Paper airplanes!
Gabriella Perry launches this activity to discover the many ways you can make paper fly by using your hands and creativity. 

 |  Physics, Making, Problem-Solving