Amazeum YOU Experiences

DIY Didgeridoo

The sound from this simple instrument is unmistakeable and resonates throughout the world. Steve Parker, Amazeum Maker in Residence, creates a Didgeridoo from common materials and shares the secret to making the variety of sounds the for which the instrument is known. 

 |  Sound, Discovery, Making

DIY Balloon Saxophone

When you blow up a balloon, hold the opening, and slowly release the air it sounds like a . . . saxophone, right? Amazeum Maker in Residence Steve Parker is back with another instrument that you can make with common materials and redefining making music in the process.

 |  Sound, Upcycling, Making

Cup Phones

Before cellular service, telephones were connected by wires. How'd that work? Jacob Copps rings up a simple experiment that sounds too easy to be cool. But generations of kids have wondered at the incredible ability of sound to travel through cups, cans, and a string. 

 |  Sound, Technology, Making

Chain Reactions

One thing leads to another in this exploration of cause and effect.Joel Gordon gets the ball rolling with this introduction to a favorite activity in the Amazeum's 3M Tinkering Hub. Gather up some household items and see how many reactions you can cause. 

 |  Making, Tinkering, Simple Machines

Simple Sewing

Sewing is a time-tested way to join all kinds of materials together. Alivia Broadway stitches together the information you need to begin making sewn items on your own.

 |  Making, Materials, Coordination


The traditional practice of weaving to create cloth, gets a new twist.
Kimberly Kay introduces to different ways you can weave together materials to create something that is functional beautiful or both. 

 |  Textiles, Making, Creativity

Paper Airplanes

What starts out flat, requires some thought, and can fly? Paper airplanes!
Gabriella Perry launches this activity to discover the many ways you can make paper fly by using your hands and creativity. 

 |  Physics, Making, Problem-Solving