Amazeum YOU Experiences

Bubbles 2.0

Capture air in a flexible membrane of H20 and a surfactant to create beautifully unique shapes that float. Adam Jenkins expands your knowledge of chemistry and blows up conventional wisdom on the need for glycerin for large, long-lasting bubbles.

 |  Science, Polymers, Creativity


Quilling is an interesting way to create shapes that become incredible works of art when you apply your imagination. The Amazeum team put together this blog post to get you started quilling and creating.

 |  Making, Creativity, Tools


Pompoms add a little puff of bling to anything. And they are also great additions to experiences like sensory boxes, built boats, air powered vehicles, and almost any creative task. Here's how to make you own unique pompom. 

 |  Creativity, Making, Fiber Art


The traditional practice of weaving to create cloth, gets a new twist.
Kimberly Kay introduces to different ways you can weave together materials to create something that is functional beautiful or both. 

 |  Textiles, Making, Creativity


Making a Journal

Making a journal is a lot of fun when you apply your creativity to the task. Our friends at New York Hall of Science shared this video on one way to make a journal. Make yours however you would like, then keep track of those important thoughts and ideas.

 |  Art, Creativity, Making