Amazeum YOU Experiences

Bubbles 2.0

Capture air in a flexible membrane of H20 and a surfactant to create beautifully unique shapes that float. Adam Jenkins expands your knowledge of chemistry and blows up conventional wisdom on the need for glycerin for large, long-lasting bubbles.

 |  Science, Polymers, Creativity

Flying Creations

Can you make a paper cup fly? How about an egg carton? You can make Flying Creations from many items found around the house.Alicia Jones prepares you for liftoff with pre-flight directions on making common materials fly. The question is not can they fly, but for how long?

 |  Tinkering, Physics, Creativity


The traditional practice of weaving to create cloth, gets a new twist.
Kimberly Kay introduces to different ways you can weave together materials to create something that is functional beautiful or both. 

 |  Textiles, Making, Creativity