Scribble Machines

July 23, 2020

Engineer a machine to express your creativity by coloring outside the lines.

Alicia Jones empowers you with an activity that not only amps up your creativity, but your problem-solving and engineering skills as well. 

Materials | Supplies

  • small DC hobby motor (1.5 to 3 volt)
  • AA battery
  • cork, clay, small eraser
  • markers
  • rubber bands
  • paper clips
  • egg carton, yogurt cup, berry basket, toilet paper tube
  • clothespins
  • tapem, chenille sticks
  • paper

Concepts Explored

  • cause and effect
  • force and motion
  • balance
  • upcycling
  • engineering

Discovery Starters

How important is the number of markers? Can you have too many or too few? 

What is the purpose of the counterweight? 

How do small or large adjustments to your machine change the way it acts? 



Explore Further

Try building multiple machines. How can you build each one to create different motions or accomplish different tasks? 

Change the angle of the markers and see what happens. 

Try using florescent markers and a black light in a dark room. 

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