Salt Drawing

April 21, 2020

Creativity is at your fingertips when you draw with salt. 

Haley Robinson introduces art making with common materials and household items. 

Materials | Supplies

  • tray, cookie sheet, plate, plastic container
  • salt, sand, sugar, soil
  • squeeze bottle, cup, measuring spoons/cups
  • water bottle
  • bowl
  • copy, construction, parchment, wax paper
  • funnel, paint brushes, pencils, straws, silverware

Concepts Explored

  • fine motor skills
  • creativity
  • pre-writing
  • visualization
  • hand-eye coordination

Discovery Starters

What other tools could you use to move the salt?

Why do flat or curved items move the salt differently?

What other materials could you use for this activity? Why?

What makes a good material for salt drawing?

Explore Further

Can you find other materials to make salt drawings?

Creating art with natural materials is an ancient skill. Do some research on Mandalas and see what you discover. 

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Video: Salt Art Painting

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