April 29, 2020  |   Making, Art, Materials

Weave trash into treasures, upcycle and make your own material.

Alivia Broadway show you the process for creating an unusual material from an all too common resource as she makes plastic yarn (or plarn in Amazeum speak).

Materials | Supplies

  • plastic grocery bags or other plastic bags
  • scissors
  • cardboard, clipboard, or flat surface

Concepts Explored

  • upcycling materials
  • patterns
  • fine motor skills
  • creativity
  • critical thinking

Discovery Starters

Could you use other materials to make plarn? Why?

What characteristics would other materials need to have?

Can you think of other ways to tie the bags together?


Explore Further

Think about what you could create with plarn. How could you make the material stronger?

If you made enough plarn what could you make with it? 


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