Mud Kitchen

June 28, 2020

Cook up some no fail, messy recipes for discovering creative play with all natural, organic ingredients.

Nicole Wachholtz combines all the ingredients necessary for an outdoor "cooking" adventure. Culinary discovery awaits, taste tests not required. 

Materials | Supplies

  • dirt
  • water
  • mixing bowls
  • kitchen utensils
    • spoons, spatula, whisk, tongs, measuring cups/spoons
  • cookware
    • pots, pans, bakeware, cookie cutters
  • grass, flower petals, herbs
  • tables, benches, scrap wood

Concepts Explored

  • fine/gross motor skills
  • pretend play
  • creativity
  • measurement
  • mixtures and solutions

Discovery Starters

Experiment with different amounts of water and soil. What happens? Why?

How do your kitchen creations feel, smell, or look?

How do the tools your have help you work in your kitchen?

Explore Further

Bake real cookies, cupcakes, pancakes, bread or pie with your child. What is similar or different is working with real ingredients? 

Are there similar textures to those found in nature?


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