Mud Bricks

June 26, 2020

People have been constructing structures with mud for centuries. Now you can too.

Dallas Heasley mixes soil, water and creativity to make a natural building material that can be formed into many different shapes so that you can build any structure you imagine. 

Materials | Supplies

  • water
  • dirt
  • bowl or container
  • spoon
  • ice cube trays, silicon molds, cupcake wrappers, small plastic cups
  • grass, sand, pebbles, leaves, twigs, etc.

Concepts Explored

  • physical changes
  • mixtures
  • fine motor skills
  • sensory play
  • creativity

Discovery Starters

How could you describe the smell and feel of the mud?

When you use more or less of the dirt and water, what happens? Why?

What proportions of mud, water and other materials made the strongest bricks?

How did adding sand, grass, or other natural materials change your mixture?

Explore Further

Look around your house, neighborhood and town for examples of bricks. How are they alike and different?

Let your bricks dry out in the sun. How do they feel? Are they similar to "real" bricks?


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