Mood Boards

April 17, 2020

IMG 0543

Ready to start researching a new creative project but need to focus your ideas?

Mood Boards are a fantastic way to explore ideas and get inspired.

Materials | Supplies

  • images
    • photos
    • magazine/newspaper clippings
    • printed online images
    • drawings & sketches
  • glue, tape, hot glue, stickers
  • scissors
  • poster board, cardboard, paper, cork board, cardboard

Concepts Explored

  • design process
  • problem solving
  • art
  • creative expression

Discovery Starters

Describe how your mood board inspires your creativity.

How could you mood board inspire a new design direction? 

How would you make a digital mood board? 

Did making a mood board help you make decisions?

Explore Further

All kinds of designers use mood boards. What do you think a mood board for your favorite TV show or movie looks like? 

Do you think engineers, software developers, and architects use mood boards? Why?