Metal Noise Maker

May 22, 2020  |   Science, Sound, Exploration

Think you know how sound travels best? You might be surprised to find out that it's all in your head.

Jacob Copps discovers how sound travels by banging items against a wall, table or chair to make sounds in his head, and you can too.

Materials | Supplies

  • metal clothes hanger, spoon, fork, or spatula.
  • yarn, fishing line, dental floss, twine, etc. 
  • scissors
  • table or hard surface

Concepts Explored

  • sound
  • vibrations

Discovery Starters

What do you hear when you hit the metal object against a hard surface? 

Do all metal objects make the same sounds?

If you don't touch your hear with the string, do you hear a sound? Why?

Would a plastic object create sounds? Why or Why not? 

Explore Further

Sounds begin as vibrations. Listen for sounds in your home. What is vibrating to create the sound? 

Think about sounds in your environment, why can you hear them?

Additional Resources

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