Making a Journal

April 1, 2020  |   Art, Creativity, Making


Making a journal is a lot of fun when you apply your creativity to the task.

Our friends at New York Hall of Science shared this video with us to get you started making a journal to record your important thoughts, discoveries, and ideas. 

Take a deeper dive with this activity guide


Materials | Supplies

  • pencil, Pen, Marker, Crayon, etc.
  • paper (11 sheets) 
  • craft stick, chopsticks, wood block, marker
  • 4 paperclips, binder clips, clothes pins
  • hammer
  • nails, ice pick, awl, golf tee
  • workbench, foam block, cutting board
  • scissors
  • needle, thread or string

Concepts Explored

  • folding/creasing
  • sewing
  • hammering
  • geometry
  • material texture, strength

Discovery Starters

Could you make your journal from other materials? 

What materials could you use?

What happened when you hammered? 

How else could you bind your journal? 

Explore Further

Notice how books and magazines bound (joined) together.

Did their maker use the same process you did?

Can you find other things in your house that are joined together?