Light and Shadow

April 16, 2020

Think a light is just a light, or a shadow a shadow? Think differently about light and shadow when you explore both in this experience. 

Sam Dean sparks your curiosity as he gets you started exploring with items found in your home. 

Materials | Supplies

  • household objects
  • glasses for liquids
  • toys
  • light sources
    • flashlights
    • LED, incandescent, fluorescent
    • camera
  • screen (optional)
  • camera & journal (optional)

Concepts Explored

  • light and shadow
  • color
  • color mixing - additive
  • reflection
  • refraction

Discovery Starters

What do you notice? Does the image remind you of something?

How does the image change when you, the object, or the light source moves?

Why did the shadow, color, or image change?

What happens with different light sources?


Explore Further

Change the color of the background and observe what happens.

If you use two different light sources at the same time, how did the image or color change?

Wonder about what will happen before you make a change. Did what you thought would happen occur?

Additional Resources

Exploratorium Science Snack : Colored Shadows 

Shadow Play: Making Pictures with Light and Lenses by Bernie Zubrowski

Amazeum YOU activity guide Shadow Play