Ice Balloons

April 1, 2020

Discover the fascinating world inside H2O in its solid state in this experience at Amazeum YOU.

Sarah Weeden starts your exploration of ice with some things you will need. What chilling discoveries will you make in the cool science investigation.


Materials | Supplies

  • Ice
  • Things to interact with the ice
    • food coloring
    • juice
    • salt
    • vinegar
    • baking soda
    • small metal/plastic objects
  • Spoon or pipette
  • Tray, bowl, baking pan or plastic bin
  • Towels

Concepts Explored

  • States of Matter
  • Melting Points
  • Reactions

Discovery Starters

What material melts the ice the fastest or slowest?

How would you describe the way the frozen water looks on the inside and outside?

Can you think of other materials that would react with the ice?


Explore Further

Try experimenting with ice made with salt water, seltzer water, fresh water, or hot and cold water.


Additional Resources

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